What is a Data center?

Data center is the factory of 21st century. It is an integral part of today’s digitized world. This is the core infrastructure for housing large computers for digitized data & applications.
It is a computer facility designed for continuous use by several users, well equipped with hardware, software, peripherals, power conditioning, backup power, communication equipment, cooling, security systems, etc.
Generally Data center includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls (e.g., air conditioning, fire suppression) and security devices.
In a Data center, integration of several technologies & engineering trades such as electrical, mechanical, electronics, IT & computer engineering are required for fulfilling its objectives.

What is O & M at Data Center?

Operations & maintenance are the set of activities performed in a Data center to keep the equipment in pristine conditions to achieve the design objectives of a data center.

Why do we need O & M in Data center?

Operations &maintenance are required to keep the equipment in pristine (newlike) condition so that these equipments per form their functions to the design objectives. Operations & maintenance are required to enhance the life expectancy of all the equipments in Data center. Well maintained Data center avoid Outages (failure of equipments / systems affecting the system uptime), increase system availability &provide good return of investment made

What is uptime institute?

Uptime Institute is an unbiased advisory organization focused on improving the performance, efficiency, and reliability of business critical infrastructure through innovation, collaboration, and independent certifications.
It's an organisation based on US.
It has developed standards on Data center for topology & operational sustainability. Uptime institute provides various professional services like DC certification & professional certification.
It also conducts extensive survey worldwide regarding data centres& lead the industry by providing clear insights & best practise in all phases of Data center life cycle.

How will they make a difference to clients?

The standards developed by the uptime institute are the bench mark in the industry. All customer refer to these standards for design & operate the Data center.

Does the staff has to undergo a special training?

Even though it is not necessary to have training, organisations prefer trained & certified staff so that they have necessary skill set to perform better.

Has such trainings got any credentials?

Such pertained candidates are well recognised in the industry. Employer prefer certified candidates over non certified candidates. This is a clear differentiator in recruitment. The Dc industry in India is in nascent stage only. With 10 billion USD expected in this sector in next two years, certified professionals will, have a high growth trajectory on this industry.

How often do we have to get our DC certified?

Design certification done once in beginning of project only. & construct certification done once in beginning of project & is valid through out the lifetime Operations certification validity is for 2 years. After this period, recertification is required .

How can we leverage professional certifications in Data center industry?

Professionals leverage the certificates for clear differentiation in job market & are highly paid compared to non certified persons.

How can we leverage facility certifications in Data center industry?

Organisations leverage the certificates for clear differentiation in their market to have clear differentiation over their competitors not having certification

How do we see growth of Indian DC market

According to Gartner reports, India became the second fastest growing market in APAC last year. The current data center market in India is valued at $2.2 billion, and is expected to touch US$4.5 billion mark by 2018. Main drivers for this huge increase are growth in data and digital intelligent devices, digitalization and also the government’s Digital India campaign.
(Source - http://www.datacenterdynamics.com/content-tracks/design-build/a-look-at-the-indian-data-center-market-in-2017/98511.fullarticle)

What is the growth path for people working at various levels at DC?

Opportunities exist at different level. For engineers who learn the tricks of trade can grow up ladder very fast & can take managerial positions.

What qualification people should have to manage DC?

Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, IT, Networking, Computers ceince are the trades required for managing DC.
Certificate course in their trade are required for technicians
Diploma course in their trade are required for Supervisors.
Degree in their trade are required for Engineers
Certifications will be added advantage & will help a fresher to acquire skills fast

Why is that people who design & deploy DC do the O & M ?

Datacenter is a special facility. People having prior engagement and experience with Data center only understand the business requirements of a Data center . The DC operators should understand the high availability and energy efficiency requirements of a Data center .
The design & deploy agency is well familiar to these factors, they also have the capability to operate them.
Design & deployagencies are preferred also to ensure the warranties of equipments purchased and cost of economy of operation

How KMCPL can add value in O & M?

KMCPL are dedicated to disrupt the Data center operations practices. Value adds are on quality of manpower & services. High reliability facility requires Quality manpower & quality services
Our founder directors are having 25 years of cross-functional, multi-task experience in Infra industry in all phases of life cycle.
The services are designed & implemented by Uptime Certified Accredited Tier Specialist, certified Project Management professionals having vast experience in the DC Solution, Delivery & Operation in India & abroad and are aimed at fulfilling niche requirements in the industry.
The newly devised services are first of its kind in India & ensure that the best practices in Data center are implemented in the data center lifecycle


Over services spanning across the life cycle of datacenter is designed by Founder director in consultation with leading professionals in this sector in India and abroad.
We understand the skill gap in the industry and have designed training programs for fresh engineering graduates, professional from other industry and existing professionals in DC industry to reduce the skill gap.
Such an integrated approach & action is the need of hour and we take pleasure taking leadership in this matter.
We are bringing with decades of engineering wisdom & experience in design and consulting of critical facilities. The team have successfully completed approximately an area of 2 million square feet Critical facility design & implementation in India

Has KMCPL delivered such services in any place?

Professionals trained by us in Hyderabad are now working in India's leading Data center. Please refer our team section of our website to see the list of people who had undergone our training.

Who are the promoters and their credentials?

Our founder director Rajesh Kongassery is having 25 years of cross-functional, multi-task experience in Infra industry in all phases of life cycle.
Our founder director is a certified Project Management professional with good standing.
Our founder director is one among the 10 Uptime Certified Accredited Tier Specialist in India and have vast experience in the DC Solution, Delivery & Operation in India & abroad with major players in the business

What is long term plan?

In the long run, we plan to own a data center provide hands on training in Data center in all trades.

Why only DC and why not other areas..

Skills required for critical facility where is from other sectors. Uurskills and certifications are on critical facilities. Hence Our focus is on critical facilities. Data center is the largest sector in the critical facilities Business. Hence we are focusing on datacentres now. We are open to work on other critical facilities also. Please call our sales experts understand your critical facility requirements if any.

What is KMCPL & what all services does it provide ?

We are a data centrefocused organisation withservices spanning across the Data center life cycle, with capabilities right from concept design to operations from civil through MEP, to IT.
We focus on operations.
We are a one stop shop for Data center services
Our range of services spanning across the data center life cycle are designed to change the industry practises and implement the best practises for ALWAYS ON digital infrastructure.
We have around 15 services Grouped into three. Mainly
• Training services
• Technical Services
• Sustainable Operation services

What is DC operator training service & why this service?

We understand that to achieve the objective of always on, we must have the best people ensuring best practices in the industry.
Our assessment is that we in India are lacking the necessary skills for delivering best practices. That is the reason we are rolling out training services in the industry to train the existing Data center operations staff.
These services will also to invite new talents to this industry. From other industries & from institutes.

What is KMCPL technical services & what all services does it provide?

Under technical services, we provide
• assessment services,
• design services,
• Project Management Services
• commissioning services and
• pre certification and services to the data center industry.
Our leaders are the pioneers in this industry in this matter.
So by leveraging their experience and expertise we have designed the above services.
Their hunger to achieve continuous improvement is the Driving force behind this service

What is sustainable DC operation service & why?

The Hands on operations of Data center in India is now handled by engineers and technicians who doesn't have much expertise in data centres.
Even if you entrust this work to big players they outsource this work to very small vendor.
Hence the qualities suffers.
Moreover the best practices are not practiced in India.
Present practice is not based upon any standards of practice but based upon convenience and customer requirements.
Our services in this area are taken up by qualified and certified resources .
brings the wisdom of uptime Institute standardsin operating Data center to the customers.
We design and implement customer specific procedures policies and frameworks as per operational sustainability standards of uptime Institute
So our services based on very highly qualified resources & we Aim to exceed the expectation of customers and creating new benchmark in the operations.

Multinational companies are in this market aggressively, so what is your actual role and what makes you different. Are you competing with them or supportingthe is strategy?

There are big time players in this sector having very high reputation and customer base In the market.They are very good in design build and operation of data centres.
They complete vigorously in the market, pick up orders at lowest cost and bring value for money to the customers. These major players of course bring value for money but unfortunately this cost pressure forces them to up for low cost solutions.
Our focus is on best practices for the Data center . Here is our differentiation.
In critical facility like Data center it is often bad economics toselect lowest cost solutions.We differentiate here by providing trained / pre trained Operational manpower to the Data center.
We are not to compete with but to support them by providing pre trained operational manpower. We have designed our training courses to ensure continuous supply of quality manpower in this sector.
This is our specific role in this industry - bridging the present skill gap in this industry

What potential do you have to deliver such critical services?

We are a Start-up organisation with the very positive mind frame. We believe that we can make crucial impact in this industry, which largely needs aquality forward push.
We are a service oriented company add have a very lean structure to deliver this services to the industry in every short notice. We know that this is a team game and we team up with various agencies to make this happen.
We have very good frameworks & enough flexibility to deliver our part in projects. Once the trend is fixed, we expect the whole industry to follow us for ensuring best practices in this industry.

Do you have any affiliations?

We are not affiliated to any organisations. But our key leaders are certified by world's leading Organisation on best practices for Data center operations. Our training courses are designed by these certified resource and every trainee will be nurtured by this professionals to make sure that our products in the market have our signature of quality.
We aspire to be on the technical committee of Uptime institute.

Does it require any statutory licences?

DC operation does not require any statutory licence but for operating electrical equipments.
It is mandatory to have persons with valid safety licence from electrical inspector of respective states.
For us these are project based appointments.

Do you have a Data center setup to provide hands on training?

Presently we are conducting classroom based trainings. Since we don't own data centers we are unable to provide hands on training on data centres. Going forward we are planning to include hands on activities also in Data center .

Are you ready to work on SLA( Service Level Agreement) commitments?

Yes. We are ready to work on SLA commitment.

How do you work on SLA commitments when big players are trying to avoid mitigate this clauses in contracts?

This again is a differentiation. Any Data center is a high availability organisation. This requires SLA.
Big players try to avoid SLA commitments for de risking. But the client does not allow that. Why do one appoint an IT company for facility management?
Because he expects certain level of system availability from the FMS contractor. Big players does this by transferring the risk to the vendor and by providing Skelton staff from its role.
We differentiate here by providing full qualified trained manpower and by ensuring best practices framework are in place, if followed meticulously is very easy to meet SLAs

How many DC have you built?

As an organisation we are very active in design of couple of datacentres right now. Our crucial resources have designed around 50 Data center with a combined floor area of approximately 2 million square feet are in operations. We are in business engagement with major MNCs to enter the built market.

What is the value you are giving in the training?

Our training programs are focusing on the best practices in the Data center industry especially on operations. At present practices are led by customer requirements and contractor experiences. Not by any standard.
We are imbibing best practices into the industry through our trainees. Our value to the industry is a battalion of Engineers trained on best practices of the industry.
For students we are providing technical skills to enter, survive & gloom in this industry.

What is the benefit of students with such training?

Trainees, learn job related skills, and they get better placement avenues.

What is the benefit to the market with such training?

Owners of Data center will be getting pre retrained resources rather than un trained resources, so that their assets are at relatively safer hands.

Who all can attend this?

Electrical mechanical and electronic engineering students in final year studies, Can get attend get certified as DC engineers & managers.
Electrical mechanical and electronic diploma students in final year studies, Can get attend get certified as DC technicians & engineers.
Experienced electrical and electronic engineering/ diploma holders can also attend this program for get it career breakthrough in data center industry.
Existing Data center operating staff also can undergo this get certified to enhance their skills and for career growth.
For IT engineering professionals& science graduate we are conducting Data center architecture program.

What is the duration of this training?

This depends upon the exact modules you select.
Operators certification is 9 hours
Technicians certification is 18 hours
Engineers certification is 27 hours
Managers certification is 36 hours.

What is the training fees?

Please contact the course coordinator for the latest fees structure

Training have cost so who is bearing the cost of the training?

Students for enhancing the employability
Colleges for improving their placement records
Data center owners for improving their operating performance

Are you providing any certificate?

Yes. We are providing certificates signed by our uptime certified resources.

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